VMLK Exhibition at NC State University’s Friends and Family Weekend 2017

On Friday evening, Sept. 15, 2017, NC State University hosted their annual Parents and Families Weekend. The Parents and Families weekend featured the virtual Martin Luther King Project. The exhibit, which highlighted portions of NC State’s Virtual MLK Project, featured digitally enabled, immersive experiences of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic speech, “A Creative Protest [Fill Up the Jails].” In the high-tech spaces of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library, visitors saw and heard what it was like to witness King in person — and learned about the NC State research behind the innovative displays.

First delivered days after the start of the Greensboro sit-ins at Durham’s White Rock Baptist Church, King’s “A Creative Protest” marked the first time he called for direct nonviolent action. No recordings exist of the address. Professor Gallagher and Professor Pettiway’s team launched the Virtual MLK Project in an attempt to offer an experience of the original event.


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