A rhetorical digital humanities project of the "Fill Up the Jails" public speech

About the Project

The Virtual Martin Luther King project is a multi-phase project of North Carolina State University's Communication department, led by Dr. Victoria Gallagher. The first phase began with a public performance and follow-up studio recording of the text of the speech by MLK voice actor Mr. Marvin Blanks. To learn more about how the public performance of the speech was staged for an audience of over 200 people on June 8, 2014 visit the Phase One Development page.

The second phase of this project is to build this website to make the different immersive audio recordings available to scholars, students, and the North Carolina and national public. The ultimate goal is the creation of an immersive experience that will place audiences/visitors into a multimedia representation of the White Rock Baptist Church (projected on the walls of the lab) as they listen to the speech from various positions around the sanctuary.

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The vMLK project enables a deeper consideration and understanding of the very nature of public address as experience. Working with faculty in the Department of Communication, we are pleased to offer a set of assignments and curricular suggestions for how to incorporate the vMLK Project into classroom instruction.

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