Activity One: Read and Respond to the Text

To students/participants/visitors to the site:

Your first activity is to read the text of the speech. Before you start reading the speech, consider the questions below, and keep them in mind as you read. See if you can find elements of the speech’s text that relate to the questions. Once you’ve finished the speech, write out answers to the questions and bring those answers to class, prepared to discuss some of your answers.

  1. Turn your attention to the overall message of “A Creative Protest.” What is the topic of this speech? What are the general and specific purposes of this speech? What are some of the main points of this speech?
  1. Think now about the supporting material that Martin Luther King Jr. uses in this speech. What are two different kinds of supporting material he uses? Which of those supporting materials is most impactful to you? Why is it impactful?
  1. Consider the rhetorical proofs present in this speech. Which is most impactful to you? Why is it impactful?
  1. The audience is always a major consideration when thinking about a historic public address. According to the abstract, who was the immediate audience for this speech? Is there another implied audience? Are you implicated as an audience member (flexibility and adaptability)?
  1. Finally, think of the current state of affairs in North Carolina, the United States, and the world. Does this speech have relevance for this historical moment? Why or why not?