2019 Exhibition at Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) MAGIC Center

The VMLK project was exhibited at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s (RIT) MAGIC Center on Thursday, February 28th 2019 as part of the William A. Kern Speaker Series which brings innovative thinkers to the RIT campus to share interdisciplinary insights into contemporary issues of communication, media, and visual culture.

The exhibition “The vMLK Project: Crafting a Necessary (Digital) Space To Explore Rhetoric and Civic Transformation” incorporated six different aspects of the project as well as two lectures which featured Dr. Victoria J. Gallagher and Dr. Keon Pettiway. The evnt was cosponsored by An Imagine RIT event, co-sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts, School of Communication, Magic Center, Gannett Endowment, Black Awareness Coordinating Committee, Center for Campus Life, College of Art and Design, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Inclusive Excellence, and the National Society of Black Engineers.

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