Virtual Reality and Simulation

Virtuality and Simulation

The Virtual Reality experience provides viewers an embodied sense of what it might have been like to sit, stand, and move around the historic sanctuary, listening to King’s speech with others. Additionally, the simulation version of this experience enables viewers to move themselves around the historic sanctuary while listening to the speech using a game controller to do so.

Virtual Reality and Simulation Experience of the Virtual MLK Project

The vMLK Project entails multiple phases, several of which have already been completed with support from the North Carolina Humanities Council, the NC State Libraries, and the NC State University College of Humanities and Social Sciences Research Office. Prototypes under development over the past three years, including 3D renderings of the sanctuary, 7-channel sound mixes, a gaming simulation, and installations have been tested by the media production team and evaluated by community partners, visitors to Hunt Library, and other publics. As indicated, this grant proposal represents a request for an NEH Production Grant to bring the 3D audio-visual web-based and physical exhibitions, and the game-based simulation of the speech to fruition.