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Building off the knowledge gained from transitioning to online instruction of the vMLK Project during the Spring 2020 semester, the vMLK Team developed an orientation for COM 110 Instructors at NC State to be utilized during the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 Academic Years. These orientations, conducted over Zoom using the materials provided here, enabled the instructors to utilize the vMLK project to enhance their students’ learning in both an entirely remote learning environment (2020-2021) and a hybrid learning environment (2021-2022).

The orientation materials are useful for anyone who wishes to use the project and the website for teaching and learning purposes, whether in person or remote.

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Spring 2021 Orientation Slides

Brief Overview & Learning Outcomes
Discussion of Fall 2020
Recap of vMLK Walk-through & Feedback Elements
Fall 2020 Report
vMLK Updates

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Fall 2021 Orientation Slides

Introduction to the vMLK Project
Learning Outcomes for COM 110
Activities/Lesson Plans
Teaching Partners

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