60th Anniversary: Media Campaign conducted December 2019 through February 2020

The Communication Plan for the vMLK Project 2020 had three main goals: 1) to invite and engage the local community to attend the 60th Anniversary of the “Fill up the Jails” speech, hosted at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library 2) to inform the general public about the enhanced virtual reality platform and about related activities for children and K-12 students, and 3) to create an ongoing conversation about advocacy with an expanded audience.

Drafting the Communication Plan and delivering/implementing the communication tactics was a collaborative effort. Dr. Victoria J. Gallagher gathered a team of university communicators, PhD students, master’s students, and undergraduate students to inform communication strategy, branding, media relations, and written communications. Drafting the Communication Plan for the 60th anniversary of the “Fill up the Jails” speech began in the fall of 2019. Work on the plan concluded with the Feb. 15, 2020, 60th Anniversary of a Creative Protest Exhibition. The resounding positive feedback and high attendance from members of the media, NC State community, and at-large community illustrate the success of the Communication Plan and its implementation.

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