News 14, WRAL 5, and The Herald Sun cover the Virtual MLK Project

The publicity efforts for the June 8, 2014 reenactment held at White Rock Baptist Church in Durham led to international recognition of the event and larger Virtual MLK project by media outlets such as the the Associated Press, World News Network, Washington Times, and the Philadelphia Tribune. Additionally, publicity efforts led to significant local media coverage in the News and Observer, Herald-Sun, Charlotte Observer, Star News, Hendersonville Times-News, Fox Carolina News and many others. The event was also televised by reporters from WRAL-TV and Time Warner Cable News 14.

NCSU digital project to re-create MLK’s 1960 speech in Durham,” WRAL TV 5

MLK’s 1960 speech at White Rock Baptist, retold,” The Herald-Sun

Coverage of the “Fill Up the Jails” speech re-enactment, News 14