vMLK Exhibition Showcase at Upcoming 2016 CHASS Lightning Rod

The VMLK team showcased versions of the experience in August 2016 during a weekend event at the Hunt Library that was geared toward establishing NC State University as an important center for innovative, humanities-based, civil rights-related scholarship, which is of use and interest to the public. The events included a dramatic portrayal of Langston Hughes and Martin Luther King, Jr. by well known actors, the work of painter Synthia Saint James, and a walking tour of the Hunt library featuring three humanities-based projects:
  • King’s First Dream— a web site making the restored audio and educational resources available of the first time Dr. King delivered “I have a dream” (Rocky Mount NC, November 27, 1962)
  • Origins of the Dream— a documentary film showing various intellectual connections between Langston Hughes and Martin Luther King
  • vMLK project— a digital media project engaging listeners in immersive experiences of Dr. King’s historically significant “Fill up the Jails” address delivered in Durham in Feb. 1960.

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