A rhetorical digital humanities project of the "Fill Up the Jails" public speech


What kind of rhetorical archive is needed to support the vMLK project? What kinds of multi-modal frames might suggest ways to experience the rhetorical history of the speech? To address these questions, this multimedia archive includes artifacts important to the locality of the speech, as well as artifacts that inform a narrative of how the speech served as a response to a particular rhetorical problem.




Historic Documents

Featured Media

Revolt without Violence--The Negroes' New Strategy “Revolt Without Violence – The Negroes’ New Strategy,” U.S. News & World Report

Curricula Resources

Public Speaking - The vMLK project offers a set of assignments and curricular suggestions for how to incorporate the “Fill Up the Jails” public speech into classroom instruction.


OCT 2016 – vMLK featured at the 2016 Southern Colloquium on Rhetoric